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Root Canal Repeat: Why Is It Necessary?

June 5, 2024

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If you’ve ever had a root canal to treat a severely decayed or damaged tooth, you probably assumed the repair was permanent. Therefore, it may be an unpleasant surprise to learn years afterward that you need to have it redone. It’s natural to question if this is truly necessary when you’ve already had the procedure successfully once before. However, it’s not unheard of for something to happen that requires a repeat treatment.

Keep reading to delve deeper into the world of root canal therapy to understand why your dentist might consider redoing yours!

What Happens During Root Canals?

Before discussing the reasons why you might need a second root canal, it’s important to establish what happens during the procedure. When you have a tooth that’s broken or has a cavity that’s too extensive to be repaired effectively with a filling, this is the tried-and-true solution to address it.

First, they’ll numb the area and/or sedate you so that you are comfortable the entire time. Then, they create a small opening in your tooth to remove any injured or infected materials. Next, your dentist cleans and disinfects the area before sealing it back up.

Finally, they’ll fit you with a restoration like a dental crown so you can continue to eat and speak with your pearly white in place. This technique allows them to preserve your natural tooth’s functionality and appearance in instances that would otherwise require extraction.

Why Must My Root Canal Be Repeated?

Sometimes, your already-treated tooth can become reinfected. There are several potential causes, and each could potentially lead to a second root canal. Reasons why your dentist might want to redo the procedure include:

  • Hidden bacteria. Teeth that have narrow canals or are further back in your mouth are harder to access. It’s possible that your dentist missed germs that were tucked away in places they couldn’t reach the first time around.
  • Additional decay. Because your tooth’s structure is already compromised, it’s more vulnerable to injury and cavities. Germs are more likely to penetrate already injured teeth to cause a second infection.
  • Delayed crown placement. It can take a few weeks for your dental crown to be created, and toxic microbes can accumulate during that time.
  • Damaged restoration. If your dental crown is chipped or cracked at some point, germs can work their way to the already damaged tooth beneath it.

Whatever the reason for your repeat root canal, rest assured that your dentist wouldn’t recommend it if they didn’t feel it was necessary. By performing it a second time, they can protect and preserve your smile for years to come!

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