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Healthy Halloween Tips from Your Family Dentist in Allentown

October 3, 2018

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Children in costumes with candy.Halloween is a time where the ghosts and ghouls come out to play. The costumes and haunted houses can get spooky, but what’s even more spooky is the number of cavities and dental issues the holiday can cause. Every parent is faced with the same dilemma: how can my children have a happy Halloween, while keeping their teeth healthy too? Keep reading to learn the answer from your family dentist in Allentown.

Save Your Candy

Have you ever gotten back from a night of trick-or-treating with your loved ones and had way too much candy? An easy way to limit yourself from binge eating sugary snacks is to take half of the candy your family has collected, and freeze it right away. This cuts down on the amount of candy you can eat, plus, you’ll have a little stash for a rainy day.

Help Those in Need

Another way to get rid of excess candy is to donate it to a food shelter. You can also give it to Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends candy to the American troops overseas.

Watch When You’re Consuming Candy

Believe it or not, when you consume candy matters. Try to time out your consumption of sweets for dessert (after meals). While eating, your mouth produces more saliva, which naturally helps wash away acids and food particles that cause cavities.

Brush and Floss

The longer sugar lives on your teeth, the more likely it will turn into acid that eats away at your smile. For this reason, you should always brush and floss your teeth to remove plaque and candy debris. Especially before bed, make sure you’ve cleaned your teeth of all the sugary sweets you’ve eaten to ensure they aren’t damaging your teeth while you sleep.

Choose Candy Wisely

Some candies are better than others. Be on the look out for sticky or hard candy. These sweets stay in contact with your teeth for a longer amount of time, which increases your chances of tooth decay. Instead, pick chocolate or powdered candy that dissolves in your mouth fast.

Attend Regular Checkups and Cleanings

Last but not least, make sure you and your children see your dentist in Allentown. They will be able to catch oral health issues like cavities while they are still small and make sure your mouth is healthy after Halloween.

You can still indulge in your favorites sweets, but take the above precautions to give your family healthy smiles this October!

About the Practice

Dr. Eric Marsh has been working in dentistry for almost 3 decades. He currently runs his own dental practice with his wife, Dr. Michele Pisano-Marsh, who is also a highly-trained dentist. They believe in patient education, which is why they give their patients tips on how to stay healthy throughout the year.  For any questions you may have, they can be contacted through their website or by phone at (610) 432-8037.

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